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Decor idea #2 for your four poster bed

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Luxury crystal chandelier above your four poster bed


Many people struggle with bedroom lighting, asit is often difficult to find the right balance in terms of size and style, particularly when dressing a room with a statement four poster bed. A fancy crystal chandelier right above the four poster bed is a definite match, as it looks striking but not overly dressed and creates a mesmerizing light effect in the room. Beautiful and balanced wall art or paintings on the wall along with the centre light all help to create the look of sheer luxury. You can add depth to your bedroom design by using a basic neutral colour scheme for the walls topped with dark wooden furniture, such as the wardrobes, side tables and a dressing table. Some metallic frames or details can add to the beauty of the room and complement the chandelier to create a beautiful point of focus in the room as well as tie the whole look together.  

Our Helmsley bed in this lovely Georgian room really shows off how a chandelier can work in a bedroom. The bed's dark stained ash frame and the solid brass details on the posts are complimented by the cut crystal and the lovely detailed ceiling in this particular space.

Picture credit: Lisa Escobar

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